How to connect WiFi on handheld game console Retro-cm3 ?

How to connect Wifi on handheld game console Retro-CM3 ?

First you have to have a CM3.

 1. Please take out the TF Card.

2. Find a card reader, please plug the TF Card into the card reader.

3. Please plug the card reader on the computer.

4. Open the Boot,find the file "wifikeyfile.txt"

6. Open the "wifikeyfile.txt", then write your wifi name and password.

7. Please plug the TF card on Retro-CM3, Then turn on the console. Find the system set of retropie 


8. Press the power button twice quickly, and the power indicator flashes twice to indicate that the operation is successful.

9. Open Wifi

find wifi

Then choose "No"

11. Choose import wifi credentials from/boot/wifikeyfile.txt

12. Wait a moment.

13. When the interface showing the IP and wireless name, It succeeded. If not, please check your Wifi name and password whether it is correct. or restart the system.



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