LCL-Pi Gameboy 3B

$249.99 $319

For all those who feared their Game Boy days would be but a memory, worry no more! With this kit, you'll have a chance to revive it. We've collected all the right parts and assembled a DIY Pi Game Emulator for you - a portable Raspberry Pi running MAME, NES and PS1 emulators.
This is version 2.0! We've updated this project with the Raspberry Pi 3A+, more buttons (D-Pad, A, B, X, Y, L, R, pause and start), and the original PSV or GPD handheld rocker.

Warm Tips:

DIY products have polishing marks, if you mind, please do not buy.
I do not guarantee the simulation effect of DC and PSP of the Raspberry. I do not guarantee the games inside.
This DIY handheld game player uses the raspberry 3 model B motherboard.
Not support HDMI.

Based on Quad-Core 1.2GHz Broadcom BCM2837 64bit CPU Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
3.5” IPS HD clear screen.
Pre-install Recalbox/Retropie System With 6000+ games.
Support download games to TF Card by yourself.
Cross button can be used to play Shoryuken and Hadoken.
It can adjust the brightness and color contrast of the screen.
Built-in 7000mAh replaceable battery and endurance for 3-5 hours.
The power indicator is divided into several levels. (Blue is full power, green is 80%, green red is 50%, red is 30%, and the flashing is 10%.)
A headphone jack, a USB port, and a charging port.
Improved audio circuit, no noise on headphones.
Support Arcade/Arcade Classics/NES/FDS/SNES/MS/PS1/Genesis/GB/GBA/Atari etc Simulator system

    Package Contains:
    1 x DIY raspberry pi game console(with the 3B)
    1 x 64GB TF card (pre-installed Retro-pi or Recalbox system)
    1 x Charging Cable
    1 x Protective Box