RK2020 Retro Game Console Pre-install System



  • CPU: 4 core 1.3GHz

  • RAM: DDR3L 786Mhz

  • OS: EmuELEC System(Multi-language)

  • Screen:3.5-Inch(320×480) IPS Screen.

  • Connection: Allows WIFI Dongle Connected.

  • Battery:2600mAh Li-polyer.

  • Button: High Sensitive Button.

  • Memory:1GB (DDR3L 786Mhz, 32 Bits bus width).

  • Storage: SPI Flash(16Mbytes Boot), External Micro SD Card slot with Firmware installed.

  • TF Card: Support TF card expansion, max to 256GB.

  • Games: Built-in 15000+ games, and support users to download games by themselves.

  • Simulators:Support PSP/DC/N64/PS1/PSX/CPS3/GBA/GBC/MD/NES/SNES etc.

  • Ports: USB type C for charging, USB type A for WiFi Dongle/ External Controller, external Micro TF slot.

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