Retro Game Console FAQs

Is the console ready for use and what gaming systems does it support?
Yes. However, we recommend that you read the user manual carefully before first use. Then all you need to do is connect the cables and turn on the console. The retro game console uses the Recalbox gaming station which supports 80+ gaming systems and 40K+ games. More detail, please click here.
What language is the controller interface?
The controller supports ten languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc. Most games are in English.
Can we play 4 players?
Yes. All consoles have 4 USB ports and support up to 4 players at the same time.
I wish to see the complete list of 10000+ games.
Click here to see the new list of games.
Can I add games?
Yes! You can add and play your own games! The procedure is explained in our user manual.
Does the console allow backups?
Save your games at any time by pressing HOTKEY + Y. Resume your game by pressing HOTKEY + X.
Can my child play with the console?
The console, the interface, and the joysticks are perfect for children. It is enough to know some shortcuts to facilitate the use. Watch out for some violent games that are not suitable for children.
Are my old controllers compatible?
All your PS3, PS4, XBOX, 8BITDO, Bluetooth and fillers are compatible with our gaming console. They just need to be configured (see user manual). 
Its power is basically sufficient for 99% of games.
Download the user manual
Our user manual covers most of the options and configurations to do. It is important to read it carefully before the first start. It allows easy use and avoids making mistakes ...
You can download it by clicking here.