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12TB Hard Drive - 450+ Systems & 100,000+ Games

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Emulator for Windows PC 12TB HDD

Are you looking for the perfect system to play all the games you know and love? You found it! This is the most complete collection of games you will find for this value.

This is a 12TB USB External HDD configured with 450+ Systems and over (100,000) Titles - Ready to play right on your PC/laptop. Nothing to install just plug the HDD into the USB slot on your PC or Laptop.

Plug your Xbox controller, Click File on HDD - Select Game - PLAY! - It's just that simple! When you click the file on this HDD, it will open up Emulationstation, which will show you your games with nice cover art/details. When you select the game you will want, it will automatically start the game with its respective emulator.