Infectious Personal Protective Equipment-Hands gel,KN95 mask,goggle and disposable gloves

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New viruses are attacking the world,although the virus is ruthless, there is love on earth.

We will work with you and hope to defeat the new virus as soon as possible.

We prepare personal protective equipment for epidemic prevention,hope we can get you to safety.


The PPE including 5 x Hands gel, 6 x KN95 mask, 2 x goggle and 2 pairs of disposable golves and free 2 pieces disposable mask.


The hands sanitizing gel uses 70% -80% (V/V)ethanol active ingredients, can kill Enteric pathogens,Pyogenic coccus,pathogenic yeast and Common nosocomial infections.

Can be used for general personal hand disinfection and surgical hand disinfection.


How to use:
1.Common hand disinfection:
Take this product relatively and daub equably,then quickly rub until dry.No cleaning.
2.Surgical hand disinfection:
Wash hands according to surgical requirements,then take this product daub your hand and forearms about 3 minutes.


Note: It is a topical disinfectant,do not take orally and don't touch eyes.

It is flammable and must be keep away the fire.Store in an environment below 45℃.

Alcohol allergy should be used with caution.

Children under 6 years, please use under adult supervision.

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