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Kinhank™ Super Console X Max

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Kinhank™ Super Console X Max is the latest three-in-one multi-function console. It built-in up to 50000+ games, relive classic retro games with family and friends, play online games, watch TV movies for free, etc. Enjoy a happy childhood and intelligent age.

🎮 Super Console X Max three systems all in one, Android TV 9.0+ latest EmuELEC 4.2+CoreELEC system, not only play classic retro games, online games but also watch TV movies for free, download apps, etc

🎮The video game console pre-load more than 50 Emulators (PSP/PS1/N64/Dreamcast/NES/SNES...),256GB card with up to 50,000 games.

🎮Plug & Play. It's very easy to play games. Most games are plug-and-play.
(Tip: If the game not working, you just need to change the emulator. There is an example

🎮Multiplayer: Nothing better than sharing the fun, with family or friends.

🎮Super Console X Max with Android 9.0, you can watch TV or download APP of games, and play online games.

📺The console is compatible with all of the modern TVs (Hd, 4K…) equipped with an HDMI input.