LCL PI CM4 Boy – RetroGamePI


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The LCL Pi 4 is designed based on the appearance of the Gameboy. It achieves the perfect combination of modern and retro. More powerful performance without losing the retro feeling. This is the first Pi CM4 handheld game console 2021.

  • 🎮️ 40+ in 1 Console:  It supports  PSP/PS1/N64/Saturn/Dreamcast/NAOMI/ATOMISWAVE/SNES... 40+ emulators smoothly
  • 🎮️ Clearer Picture Quality: It uses a 3.5 Inch 640*480 Real HD IPS Screen, DPI interface
  • 🎮️ Classic Retro Style: To keep the game cartridge. Replace it very easily.
  • 🎮️ Games: It comes with more than 4000 games, supports add and delete games by yourself.
  • 🎮️ Output: Support HDMI output to TV.
  • ⌛ Standby time: 5000mAh battery inside, support the longest 5 hours playing time.
  • Wifi is supported, use it to connect it with other pi-boy handhelds to play together.

Note: The original system does not support HDMI output.

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