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Super Console MP100 Mini PC

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The Super Console MP100 Mini PC is the ultimate mini gaming PC - small in size but big on performance. It provides emulator and gaming capabilities, without taking up too much of your space. Optimized to be energy efficient and silent, it is the perfect choice for both gaming and media consumption.

Mini PC MP100 Features


  • Intel Alder Lake-N N100:

    The Super Console MP100 Mini PC is powered by an integrated GPU UHD Graphics 750MHz with up to speed at 3.4GHz and 4 cores and 4 threads, This mini PC makes video editing, 3D rendering, and batch processing more efficient and convenient.
MP100 Mini PC is powered Inter N100 chip
  • Desktop Space Saver:

     This Mini PC is VESA mount-compatible, enabling optimal use of space while also protecting it from potential falls, spills, or other foreign objects.
MP100 Home business
  • 8GB RAM 256GB SSD+ 500GB HDD:

    Equipped with 8GB DDR5 RAM, 256GB drive, and 500GB HDD. The 500GB HDD pre-install game system and 70+ Emulators.

MP100 Build 256GB DDR5 SSD and 500GB HDD

Super Console MP100 Mini PC with 50+ emulators

  • Dual system in one

  • Super Console MP100 comes pre-installed with retro game emulator and Windows 11 operating systems. Let you play classic games such as PS2, PSP, Wii, Sega Saturn, etc., and also provide you with a smooth home entertainment experience, video and web browsing
  • Mini PC MP100 Pre-install Windows 11 and Retrobat
  • Support multi-application

  • Built-in Win11 operating system: powerful enough for daily use, such as checking stocks, email, browsing, office, distance learning, and home entertainment.
    Play retro games or online games.
  • mp100 Mini pc support multi-application
  • Compact And Portable:

     Measuring 127*127*49mm and weighing only 410g, you can easily carry this device from the workplace to home to protect your personal data and integrate it into your working system with ease.

MP100 Mini PC Small Size



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    Super Console MP100 Mini PC
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