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Kinhank™ Super Console X PC Box

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Mini Keyboard

  • 🎮 Superpower Console: Equipped with 8GB of Ram memory, Dual-channel DDR 4. Supports PS1/PS2/PSP/Wii/Gamecube/Sega Saturn/NES/SNES/GB/GBC/GBA/MD/N64/DC... etc 80+ retro console emulators. Dual-System (Batocera 5.27 and Windows 10 pro).  Realize one machine with multiple functions, the perfect combination of modern and retro
  • 🎮 Enough games: The Super Console X PC Box with 2TB HDD, built-in 72000+ games(including 4000+ 3D games). Supports delete and add games by yourself. and it is very easy.
    3DO  45Games
    3DS   59Games
    Dream Cast   216Games
    GameCube   110Game
    Arcade Mame     1888Games
    N64     517Games
    N64DD   11Games
    Naomi    127Games
    PSP    425Games
    PS1   1469Games
    PS2   160Games
    Sega Saturn     304Games
    Wii    11Games
    More emulators and games please ref
  • 🎮 Local and multiplayer: Play as you see fit. Relive the magical evenings and enjoy your games for up to four players locally. Connect to WIFI and find your friends online to continue your saved multiplayer games
  • 🎮 Support 4K HDMI Output: This Video Game Console uses an HDMI interface, you can plug it into TVs, computer monitors, projectors with an HDMI interface to bring you a 4K HD display
  • 🖥️ Support dual-screen Output. Multi-tasking: Game, Office, Movie, Design, Surfing, Home