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  • How Can I Save and Load The Game on Super Console X Pro ?

      When you want to save the game progress, press Select + R2 at the same time.   When you want to restart your saved game, enter the game first, and then press Select + L2, you can load the saved game.
  • How to use the Lakka system to transform the Raspberry Pi into a game console?

    When I was a child, I had a yearning for my classmates to play Pokemon and Super Mario. Now, through the Raspberry Pi, I can realize the dream of having a small game console in the past. And this "modified" game console has more convenience (free of the insertion of the game card), multi- function. As a small Linux-based game system, Lakka can realize the idea of turning the Raspberry Pi into a game console. By installing the Lakka system on the Raspberry Pi, you can transform the Raspberry Pi into a retro game console. A...
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